Review of 2023 front-end job hunting experience and summary of interview questions

 2022-2023 is a year when the IT industry will be severely impacted. The industry situation is: many companies have laid off employees, and many employees have lost their jobs... There are all kinds of talents on the market, from big factories, institutions, company closures, etc., looking for Work has become extraordinarily long.

Front-end interview experience

1. The correct way to open a resume

The correct way to open it is:

First invest in small companies or companies that you don’t want to go to

Review the interview questions and summarize the knowledge points

Optimize your resume, and then apply for the one you want

Continue to summarize the interview questions and review (this is very important!!!)

2.Interview questions:

Prepare a self-introduction in English, the interviewer will really ask. (asked by the first interviewer)

Ask a few basic questions about HTML and CSS. block-level elements inline elements, position these.

Do you know BFC? (high frequency)

Talk about JS array traversal, how many methods are there? (High frequency, Ali also asked)

How to implement array disorder? (This question has also been asked by medium-sized companies)

How to implement deep copy and deep contrast?

How to deduplicate the array?

What are the React lifecycles?

One side: Generally, they are stereotyped essays. Young interviewers have little experience, and some feel that they are going through the motions. Anyway, Ali basically has an algorithm written test. Maybe they ask the basics and leave it to the two sides to screen; some senior interviewers will ask for comparison There is a level, ask step by step, and then pick up the principle to test the candidate's foundation.

Two sides: the person in charge of the front end or the team leader or the technical director asks about the project and analyzes the difficulties. Ask all kinds of questions, and if one question overwhelms you, it doesn't affect you, just perform well. Asking you only means that the interviewer has a high level and wants you to admire him.

Three aspects: If it is still technical, it is the technical director or CTO, depending on the size of the company, ask about various soft skills.

HR: In most companies, the three sides are HR. They will ask about their previous work, salary, reasons for job-hopping/leaving, expectations for future work, and their positioning. Stability will also be examined.

Then, they will not make a decision right away, and will ask the interviewer to wait for the notice. In fact, they are comparing with other candidates, examining ability, salary, etc. At this time, take the initiative to ask him! It means that you are still there, and he responded that it is under consideration, which means that it has not been passed, and is still comparing.

Trick: Say the salary is low and get the offer quickly!

Interview questions:

How to deal with cross-domain in the project? (High frequency, all major companies ask about that)

Anti-shake and throttling, what scene is used? (Base)

Understanding of the HTTP protocol. (High Frequency, Mihayou, Ali, Zhongan Insurance)

Have you read the React source code? What have you read? (Frequency, Ali and other major companies have asked)

How does lazy loading determine whether an element appears in the viewport? (High frequency, the interviewer from a certain department of Ali directly asked my blog. The answer: Station C, Nuggets, the author is me.)

What is the difference between React's class components and functional components? (high frequency)

Component communication in React. (All questions, being able to mention forwardRef is a bonus item)

Side effects of React Hooks.

Optimization points in React. (In fact, I want to lead to useMemo, useCallBack)

Scenario questions. The interviewer asks questions and asks how to solve them.

The understanding and use of React Portal.

Event Loop event polling mechanism. (After speaking, do the questions)

How to judge whether it is a mobile terminal or a PC terminal? (high frequency)

How to do mobile adaptation?

How does the H5 communicate with the mobile phone?

How are style overrides handled?

What is the difference between an arrow function and a normal function? What is the essential difference?

Stateless components, stateful components.

Generics in TypeScript.

Redux workflow.

How does the browser do static resource caching?

Understanding of SSR server rendering.

The difference between ordinary functions and custom hooks.

DOM manipulation in HTML. (Review what you have learned in college)

The difference between Axios and Ajax.

A bunch of interview questions for React are here: React special interview questions (high frequency)

What data types does JavaScript have? How to judge these types.

Promise understanding.

The difference between let, const and ES5 var in ES6. (Base)

How to implement graying on the entire network. (CSS investigation, just asked, I wrote an article)

Depth question:

What contribution has front-end engineering made? (project contribution)

Has webpack package optimization done anything?

What technical optimizations have you done for the team? Front-end optimization? (High frequency) (Investigate the value that can be brought to the team)

What packaging did you do? What are the common components? (high frequency)

Have you encapsulated a custom HOOK? (The interviewer wants to hear the actual output, test thinking ability, etc.)

CDN caching mechanism, principle.

Talk about the understanding of WebSocket.

Understanding of micro frontends.

White screen time analysis.

How to do the login function? A series of problems with cookies.

How to solve the problem of uploading large files?

Technological transformation.

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