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Guanggong matlab digital signal processing experiment report

                                                        CONTENT Contains the experiment reports and source codes, screenshots of the results, etc. of all digital signal processing experiments, as well as the 2020 Guanggong Matlab test paper. The specific experiments are: Experiment 1 Matlab signal processing basis Experiment 2 Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals Experiment 3 Design an IIR and FIR low-pass filter Experiment 4 Two-dimensional signal low-pass filtering Experiment five Two-dimensional signal high-pass filtering OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:pzsf

The latest operating system experiment and course design report

    内容 This textbook includes operating system experiments, course design, previous test papers and review exercises, and PPT. Experiments and course design can be submitted directly, and there are report source code and .exe. The experiments are specifically: Experiment - Process Scheduling Experiment 2 Banker's Algorithm Experiment 3 Dynamic Partition Allocation Simulation Experiment 4 simulates various disk scheduling algorithms 获得 链接:  提取码:un8w

Front-end Algorithms - Tips to reduce if-else

Table Of Contents 1. Short circuit operation The logic of Javascript or the short-circuit operation of || can sometimes be used to replace some relatively simple if else Short-circuit operation of logical or ||: If the left side can be turned into true, return the value of the left formula, otherwise return the value of the right formula. Let's use a simple case to express: let c if(a){ c = a } else { c = b } Short circuit algorithm simplified: let c = a || b 2. Ternary operator In many cases, we can use ternary operators to replace if else for simple judgments. Only one layer of ternary operators is recommended here, because multi-layer nested ternary operators are not very readable. Example: Return 1 if the condition is true, otherwise return 0: const fn = (nBoolean) { if (nBoolean) { return 1 } else { return 0 } } // use ternary operator const fn = (nBoolean) { return nBoolean ? 1 : 0