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Review of front-end assessment tasks——Spirited Away Introduction Webpage (can be used as an entry-level practice project)

Table Of Contents Introduction When sorting out the files, I found a round of assessment projects when I entered the studio as a freshman. At that time, I only learned the front-end for more than a month. The code writing had many shortcomings, but I still missed it so I reviewed and improved it. This webpage is about the movie about Spirited Away. The design and writing of the webpage are all done by me, and the soundtrack is performed by myself. It can be used as homework for elective courses such as web design. video demo PS:只有使用翻墙软件才可查看视频 Partial display of the page code brief This webpage mainly uses HTML+CSS, and JS is used for the carousel part, and a JS encapsulation demo for manually realizing the carousel is uploaded The principle of js to realize the carousel map is mainly encapsulated with animation functions (the position of the box is constantly moved through the timer setInterval(), the function needs to pass 2 parameters, the animati


各位师弟师妹,我今年即将从广工毕业,因工作毕设都已差不多完成,整理资料时最终还是决定分享自己大学期间积累的各科资料。本人是广工计院一名本科生,在校绩点四年综合4.0左右,我相信这些资料对你们的学习和实验有非常大的实用性和价值。也真心希望大家能做好时间效率管理,一些不必要的课程不用浪费很多时间,把时间多留给自己所走的方向,希望各位师弟师妹好好利用我的资料,提升自己。如果本篇文章对你有帮助,请多来网站阅览并点击下页面的谷歌广告支持一下,十分感谢~~ 本博客除资源分享外还会 定期发布前端相关的行业动态、前端面试题系列等,后续也会逐步将自己的秋招总结发到谷歌博客上,同方向的师弟师妹们可以关注下,毕竟我也是在最寒冬秋招中获得好几个知名厂offer的,相信对你们将来的工作和面试也会非常实用 。 University special design: Specialised design IPV6 Experiment Report: GDUT IPV6 GDUT matlab digital signal processing experiment report: Matlab Experiment Report The latest operating system experiment and course design report: OS Experiment Report Virtualization and Cloud Computing-Hadoop Deployment Experiment Report: Hadoop Report GDUT C language programming experiment report 1-4: C language programming experiment report Summary of Physics Data of GDUT : Physics GDUT DEA experiment + big assessment (source code, waveform diagram) + test paper information: EDA Data summary of GDUT Electrician: University Ele

University special design

 This project is designed as a WeChat applet, and the code has been tested and can be run directly. But currently only the source code is provided, and those who want the course design report can get it from me by contacting me. The content of the report generally includes background, demand analysis, overall design scheme, functional design, summary and experience, etc. The main function of this applet is Pomodoro clock plus schedule management, which can be used for programming related to self-discipline and other topics. The main design function of this applet is: by urging users to plan a few tasks to be completed today at the beginning of each day, focus on work within the optional range of 1~40 minutes of the Pomodoro clock until the end of the countdown, cooperate with memorandum schedule management, effective It solves the problems that users do not make a reasonable and clear time plan, the degree of completion of time arrangement is not high, and they cannot concentrate, so t

2022-Guangdong University of Technology Ipv6 Experiment

The compressed file contains all the reports and project files of Ipv6 experiments and course design. However, due to the GNS3 software version problem, some project files may be opened incorrectly, but they can be submitted directly and the specific implementation code and process are given in the report. The specific experiment is: Experiment 1: Setting up the experimental environment (some teachers will not ask for this report) Experiment 2: Subnetting and Static Address Configuration Experiment 3: IPv6 Dynamic Address Allocation Experiment 4: IPv6 Routing Protocol Configuration Experiment 5: Transition from IPv4 to IPv6 Course design: A university has 4 campuses, and a new IPv6 network is built on the basis of the original IPv4 network I hope it will be helpful to all brothers and sisters OBTAIN LINK: CODE:h3fq