2022-Guangdong University of Technology Ipv6 Experiment

The compressed file contains all the reports and project files of Ipv6 experiments and course design. However, due to the GNS3 software version problem, some project files may be opened incorrectly, but they can be submitted directly and the specific implementation code and process are given in the report. The specific experiment is:

Experiment 1: Setting up the experimental environment (some teachers will not ask for this report)

Experiment 2: Subnetting and Static Address Configuration

Experiment 3: IPv6 Dynamic Address Allocation

Experiment 4: IPv6 Routing Protocol Configuration

Experiment 5: Transition from IPv4 to IPv6

Course design: A university has 4 campuses, and a new IPv6 network is built on the basis of the original IPv4 network

I hope it will be helpful to all brothers and sisters




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