University special design

 This project is designed as a WeChat applet, and the code has been tested and can be run directly. But currently only the source code is provided, and those who want the course design report can get it from me by contacting me. The content of the report generally includes background, demand analysis, overall design scheme, functional design, summary and experience, etc.

The main function of this applet is Pomodoro clock plus schedule management, which can be used for programming related to self-discipline and other topics.

The main design function of this applet is: by urging users to plan a few tasks to be completed today at the beginning of each day, focus on work within the optional range of 1~40 minutes of the Pomodoro clock until the end of the countdown, cooperate with memorandum schedule management, effective It solves the problems that users do not make a reasonable and clear time plan, the degree of completion of time arrangement is not high, and they cannot concentrate, so that users can consolidate their determination to achieve their goals and quickly improve their work efficiency.

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