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What is the code cleanliness that is often said

Table Of Contents Clean Code The price of messy code? Subsequent maintenance and modification are difficult, and productivity and time are negatively correlated. What is clean code? Clean code only does one thing well: each class, each function, and each module focuses on one thing, completely free from interference and pollution from surrounding details. A more comprehensive generalization is: reduce duplication of code, improve expressiveness, and build simple abstractions earlier. More specific implementation: please read on! Better variable naming See the name and know the meaning Abstract factory: Do not name the interface IShapeFactory. The leading letter is actually disturbing to the user. The user only needs to know that it is an abstract factory. It is recommended to use CShapeFactory for a better experience. Use nouns for class names and verbs for methods. Words such as get and fetch with similar parts of speech shoul

University Database Exam Materials

                                                         CONTENT Contains Guangdong University of Technology database test papers and various materials compiled by myself and summary of short answer questions OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:45ks

Final Review of University Compiler Principles

                                                          CONTENT Summary of the strongest review at the end of the semester of Guanggong Compilation Principles OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:4y5u

Guanggong Software Engineering Review Materials

                                                        CONTENT Contains calculation questions over the years as well as self-organized questions and answers OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:lvnf

Virtualization and Cloud Computing-Hadoop Deployment Experiment Report

                                                          CONTENT Virtualization and Cloud Computing-Hadoop Deployment Experiment Report OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:ssjw

End-of-semester material on principles of university Marxism

                                                           CONTENT This document contains all the short-answer questions of the Examination and a summary of the error-prone questions in the multiple-choice questions in the previous examination papers OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:zlmq

Computer Network Review Materials

                                                       CONTENT The materials include GGG’s network test papers over the years, detailed explanations of after-school exercises, key knowledge points and exercises that have been sorted out by yourself, and docs of the exercises on previous test papers. OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:7vvx

University network security final review materials

                                                         CONTENT This information includes the key review content and short-answer questions on network security that I compiled during my review. My grade point is 4.5. I hope it can help everyone. OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:24qb

Review Materials of Probability Theory

                                                      内容 资料有自己整理的考试重点问题和答案的docx文件,概率论试卷,PPT,以及历年习题的详解。 师兄就是靠这份资料在科工院21年的概率论考试中拿到了95分 获得 链接:  提取码:hcel

Summary of University Communication Principles

                                                         内容 获得 链接:  提取码:u8no

JAVA Traffic Signal Light Course Design (Source Code + Report + Video Demonstration)

Table Of Contents topic details Simulate the logic of the traffic light management system at the intersection. 1. Randomly generate vehicles traveling along each route 2. Signal lights ignore yellow lights and only consider red and green lights. 3. It should be considered that vehicles turning left are controlled by signal lights, and vehicles turning right are not controlled by signal lights. 4. The specific signal light control logic is the same as that of ordinary traffic light control logic in real life, regardless of the control logic in special cases: North-south vehicles and east-west vehicles are released alternately. Vehicles waiting in the same direction should pass through vehicles first, and then vehicles turning left. 5. The time for each vehicle to pass through the intersection is 1 second (reminder: it can be simulated by thread sleep). 6. The time interval for randomly generating vehicles and the time interval for exchanging traffic lights i

Guanggong data structure experiment and data

    CONTENT The experiment is a B-tree experiment, and the report contains detailed codes, etc. OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:udpt

The latest and most complete DEA experiment + big assessment (source code, waveform diagram) + test paper information

    CONTENT All the contents of the experimental report of Guanggong EDA Modern Chapter plus comprehensive experiments 1-7 Guanggong DEA experiment + big assessment (screenshots, source code, test papers and materials) OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:gvyg

Summary of University Discrete Mathematics Materials

  CONTENT OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:50ws

Summary of University Electrical and Electronic Technology Materials

内容  获得 链接:  提取码:4scw

Summary of University Physics Data

                                   内容 获得 链接:  提取码:t3k0

C language programming experiment report

CONTENT The experimental report has complete code and screenshots, which can be submitted directly OBTAIN Link:  Extraction code:w9k7

Win10 远程计算机或设备将不接受连接

Table Of Contents 错误详情 当晚如平常一样开着clash,但谷歌浏览器显示此网站无法提供安全连接,按网上说的方法改https为http、清除SSL状态缓存、还原浏览器默认设置三个方法后还是没能解决,想起重启能解决99%的问题后果断重启电脑,这也是后面悲剧的开始。 电脑重启后,发现打开浏览器依然无法上网,且火狐浏览器等都出现了一样的问题,通过网络诊断得出原因:远程计算机或设备将不接受连接 百度后发现网上的解决方法千篇一律,都是通过Internet——属性——连接——局域网设置——为LAN使用代理服务器的选项去掉勾选就可恢复(也有说将所有复选框都取消勾选) 我满怀希望的尝试后发现然并卵,虽然提示网络状态已连接Internet但是上不了网。。。后来想了想,可能是因为自己用了翻墙上网然后没有退出就重启的关系(如果没用梯子的兄弟姐妹们可以先尝试我上述的方法,行不通的话再试试我后面的方法) 解决方法 可先尝试重新连接关机时使用的翻墙软件 并正常退出,即可访问网络,如果不行再按以下方法 。 非校园网 重置网络:Internet属性——高级——重置 用了科学上网的同学可能I nternet属性 的常规里主页地址会被篡改,可以手动输入成百度地址 设置完成后点确定,然后重启电脑,此时就能恢复访问了。但出错时如果是用着校园网没有退出科学上网就重启的话,此时用校园网还是上不了网,只能用手机开热点的网络上网,于是进一步摸索 校园网 1.先按非校园网方法重置网络 2.删除电脑科学上网的软件 3.重新认证校园网(可以改个密码重新登录) 呜呜,孩子终于又通网了 总结 科学上网时一定要正常进出网络,不能直接关电脑或者断网,否则IP地址还挂在外面网络回不来,所以记得科学上网时 正常退出后再重启电脑 。

LeetCode dynamic programming topic Javascript language detailed analysis 2.0

Table Of Contents 1. 0-1 Backpack Basics Two-dimensional array function testWeightBagProblem(weight, value, size) { //size is the capacity of the backpack const len = weight. length, dp = new Array(len).fill(0).map(() => new Array(size + 1).fill(0)); //If the item starts from 0, the backpack starts from 0, and the length to size must be size+1, because the value of size is the weight of the backpack, and it needs to reach size console. log(dp); for (let j = weight[0]; j <= size; j++) { dp[0][j] = value[0]; } //Loop through items first for (let i = 1; i < len; i++) { // You can traverse from back to front like scrolling an array, so you don't need to judge if // for (let j = size; j >= weight[i]; j--) { // dp[i][j] = Math.max(dp[i - 1][j], dp[i - 1][j - weight[i]] + value[i]); // } // The knapsack traverses from front to back, j starts from 1, because the knapsack capacity j is at

Front-end security issues and prevention - 7 common website attacks

Table Of Contents 1. XSS attack The full name of XSS is Cross Site Scripting. In order to distinguish it from CSS, it is called XSS. XSS attack refers to the execution of malicious scripts (whether cross-domain or same-domain) in the browser to obtain user information and perform operations. These operations generally accomplish the following things: 1. Steal cookies. 2. Monitor user behavior, such as entering the account password and sending it directly to the hacker server 3. Modify DOM to fake login form 4. Generate floating window ads on the page XSS attack means that the attacker wants your browser to execute the JS code he wrote. How? There are generally two types of XSS: Reflected XSS Principle: Reflective XSS, also called non-persistent XSS, means that when a request occurs, the XSS code appears in the request URL and is submitted to the server as a parameter, and the server parses and responds. The response result contains XSS code, and

Necessary compatibility problems and solutions in front-end H5 actual combat

Table Of Contents The ios side is compatible with the input cursor height The cursor of the input input box is displayed on the Android phone without any problem, but when the input is clicked on the iPhone, the height of the cursor is the same as the height of the parent box Reason analysis: Usually we are used to using the height attribute to set the height between lines and the line-height attribute to set the distance between lines (line height). When clicking input, the height of the cursor will automatically be the same as the height of the parent box. (The design principle of Google Chrome, there is another possibility that the height of the cursor is equal to the value of the line-height of the input when there is no content, and the cursor is from the top of the input to the bottom of the text when there is content Solve: The content of height and line-height is expanded with padding .content { float: left; box-sizing: border-box; height:

Front-end implementation of electronic signature (web, mobile) common components

Table Of Contents In the current development of the times, from the previous handwritten signatures, electronic signatures are gradually derived. Electronic signatures have the same legal effect as paper handwritten signatures. At present, electronic signatures are mainly used in product links that require personal confirmation and judicial-related products. So how do we implement electronic signatures as the front end? In fact, an important level of auxiliary tags has appeared in html5, that is canvas. What is canvas Canvas is a new tag in HTML5 that is used to generate images in real time on web pages, and can manipulate image content. Basically, it is a bitmap that can be manipulated by JavaScript. The Canvas object represents an HTML canvas element that supports client-side drawing operations . <canvas></canvas> How to use Canvas provides us with a lot of APIs, we only need to create a canvas tag in the body tag, get the node of the ca

The Latest and Hottest 20 Interview Questions in JavaScript

Table Of Contents This article collects and sorts out some js hot interview questions and answers that are common in the process of my own interview and listening to other people's interviews. I hope it will be helpful to you. 1. JavaScript Garbage Collection Mechanism This question starts with the type of the variable. If it is a variable of value type, it is directly stored in the call stack. When the call stack pops up, the memory occupied by the variable is recovered. If it is a reference type, the pointer to the heap is stored in the call stack. When the call stack pops up, the stack space will be emptied and recycled, and the space occupied by the heap needs to use the garbage collection mechanism. The memory in the heap is divided into two areas: the new generation and the old generation. The new generation stores newly added objects and uses secondary garbage collector ; the old generation stores long-lived objects and uses the main Garbage c