Guanggong Network Security Experiment


Including all experiments of the network security training system, the first release on the whole network! ! Attached are the 2020 Guanggong Network Security Exam Papers and Experimental Skills
I tried 93 at the beginning, and now I have corrected all the mistakes, and the score will not be lower than my original score
Cryptographic algorithm coding experiment:
Virginia cipher coding experiment
RSA encoding experiment
DES coding experiment
Certificate Service Management in Windows Environment
Configuring Web-based SSL Connections in a Windows Environment
Install and configure Kerberos under centos7 server
Script and malicious webpage virus experiments
Analysis experiment of network worm code
PE virus experiment
Trojan Analysis (Control Analysis) Experiment
Trojan horse analysis (implantation analysis) experiment
Windows 7 system log clearing experiment
Basic experiment of filter table of Iptables
Packet filtering firewall configuration and application experiment
Common Packet Filtering Experiment
Forward remote control (Radmin) experiment of Win system


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